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The Pig and I


June 1, 2009


The Pig And I follows the hilly course of author Rachel Toor’s romantic life as she falls in love with a series of pets, and in and out of love with an equally eclectic string of men, many of whom bear a striking resemblance to the animals, both in looks and temperament. From Prudence, a sweet, white lab mouse who hates Rachel’s sweet, mousy actor-boyfriend Charlie, to Emma the Pig, a fifty-pound force of nature, whom Rachel coparents with her ex- boyfriend Jonathan, we accompany Rachel as she learns how to bring the same kind of acceptance that is so easy to extend to her pets into her human relationships.

Anyone who knows the comfort of coming home after a disastrous date or day at the office to a wagging tail or ready purr will find The Pig And I utterly irresistible.

What People Are Saying

“Beautifully written. . . . Any woman who’s ever loved a pet (or ten) will love Toor's memoir.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

“The Pig and I is a paean to the unconditional love animals give so freely, but people offer so rarely to each other.”

—Orlando Sentinel

“Toor is tender and rhapsodic as she discusses the pets she has lived with. . . . That the animals include a mouse . . . a rat . . . and a pot-bellied pig . . . illustrates her open-mindedness toward creatures, regardless of temperament or looks.”

—Arizona Republic

“An entertaining, moving read. . . . Even if you are not an animal lover (what is wrong with you that you're not?), this book will be of interest.”

—Los Angeles Times

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