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Rachel Toor

I’m a professor, author, runner, doting dog mama, snarfer of Cheez-Its, and I wrote this new book to help keep people from making job-search mistakes they may not know they're making.


Searching for a job can be hard and demoralizing work. Here’s some good news. The most important thing is within your control—a mindset that shows you know the goals of the organization you want to work for and that you’re ready and eager to contribute. This book focuses on the attitude applicants can adopt to find success, how to craft winning cover letters, ways to tailor resumes for each job, and practical tips to get past AI screening. And also, tips on building a network and learning how to write in ways that make people want to say yes to you.

Order from your local bookstore or online.

What people are saying about the book

“All college seniors entering the job market should read this book. It contains page after page of potentially life-altering job search ideas and tips people don’t know and won’t think of on their own.”

Ellen Jovin

 founder of the Grammar Table and author of Rebel with a Clause

Why Me

Friends who hire young people often complain that recent college graduates are entitled little jerks who submit terrible, braggy cover letters and worthless resumes. After I heard this one millions times, and knowing many wonderful college students, I realized this is a writing and thinking problem; no one had ever taught them how to approach the job search.


Talking to hiring managers, recruiters, and campus career professionals, I learned a ton. No matter what  you're applying for - college, grad school, or even online dates - the things I've learned and am eager to share will help you get where you're trying to go. 

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